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So Cal Crawl Space Solutions is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Santa Barbara. Learn more about So Cal Crawl Space Solutions's recent work requests in Santa Barbara and nearby areas!

Learn more about So Cal Crawl Space Solutions' recent work requests in Santa Barbara, CA
Vicinity of Santa Ynez in Santa Barbara
In need an inspection for mold, and i have a block wall in a crawl space that is leaking?
Vicinity of Cresta Ave in Santa Barbara
Ventilation fan broken. plastic lining needs completion. overall inspection needed.
Vicinity of Calle Pinon in Santa Barbara
Two flooding events have inundated crawl space last six years. Water table high in this neighborhhod. Unpleasant odors from dirt crawl space.
Vicinity of Via Maria in Santa Barbara
Minimum clearance crawl space and moist soil throughout. Fan installed several years ago keeps air flowing and dry, but moist soil and minimum (18 in) clearance makes underhouse furnace and ductwork maintenance difficult. French drains were installed when house was built because of water source discovered uphill from house, but these are not sufficient to keep the soil dry underneath the house.
Vicinity of Veronica Springs in Santa Barbara
15X17 crawl space. Need cost to remove old insulation and install new insulation
Vicinity of Summerland Heights Lane in Santa Barbara
I need new sump pumps. Also am interested in your faux wood floor for basements Thanks
Vicinity of Samarkand Drive in Santa Barbara
Dirt crawl space that you can walk under with water tables that rise. Need to water proof the area and add a sump pump. Area = 1000 Sq Ft
Vicinity of Chapala Street in Santa Barbara
Moisture in crawl space
Vicinity of in Santa Barbara
Install a humidifier into basement.
Vicinity of San Ysidro Rd in Santa Barbara
Basement with sump has some moisture, need a real dehumidifier solution to control humidity.
Vicinity of Pescadero in Santa Barbara
My new hardwood floor is cupping. Possible crawl space moisture problem?
Vicinity of Santa Maria Lane in Santa Barbara
1400 sq ft home on clay soil with excess moisture apparent in one bedroom
Vicinity of Franceschi Rd. in Santa Barbara
We would like to get an estimate to put a vapor barrier in a dirt floor crawl space beneath our home. Thank you.
Vicinity of Miramonte Drive in Santa Barbara
We need to have ventilation fans installed in our crawl space. Please call for an appointment.
Vicinity of Lucinda Ln in Santa Barbara
Two storey house. Lower level. built into hillside. Cinderblock wall leaking in bathroom & closet.
Vicinity of Dover Hill Road in Santa Barbara
Need a sump pump to remove water that drains into crawl space.
Vicinity of Santa Maria Lane in Santa Barbara
1400 sqft home with clay soil plenty of moisture...Wonder if crawl space sealing would be a cost effective way to help manage moisture.
Vicinity of North Ontare Rd. in Santa Barbara
We have a crawl space in the basement and it gets water in it when it rains. We are not sure what it needs, but we are in the process of getitng a couple of quotes to take care of the problem.